The movie which caused Salman to rage on Sushant, will make the whole story surprised

After the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput on Sunday, new revelations are happening every day. The extent to which Bhai Bhaijabad is spread in Bollywood has now become very clear. Some selected people have considered Bollywood as their father's fiefdom. And in Bollywood, that is what they want. That is why they get work in Bollywood which licks their feet. I don't get what they really deserve.

Salman Khan and Karan Johar are one of the same people. Karan Johar gives only the opportunity to Star Kids in his films. So on the other hand, if someone does not listen to Salman, then Salman ends his career. Know how many people have ruined their lives. There is no one to raise their voice against them in the Bollywood industry. I do not know how long such a nephew will continue to live in Bollywood. No one else is responsible for Sushant's death. Now, let's tell you about the movie that became Sushant's death.

This movie led to a fight between Sushant and Salman

'Drive' is the movie that led to a fight between Sushant and Salman. Salman Khan wanted to make his debut in this movie, but this movie was hatched Sushant K. Just that was the reason Salman decided to ruin Sushant Lee. At the behest of Salman, 6 production houses had boycotted Sushant. Due to which, despite giving hit movies like Chichhore, Sushant was no longer able to find work.

What is special in drive movie

The movie was released in 2019. Apart from Sushant Singh Rajput, Jacqueline Fernandez, Vikramjit Virk and Sapna Pabbi are in the lead role. It is a story of a theft. It was earlier to be released in a movie theater. But later a plot It was released on Netflix. This is the movie that forced Sushant to commit suicide.

Salman Khan also ruined his career

Apart from Sushant, there are many other actors and actresses whose careers have been ruined by Salman. Some of them are Vivek Oberoi, Aishwarya Rai and Arijit Singh. These were some of the main names whose career sank due to Salman.

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