A sea where you will never drown, know why it was named Dead Sea

Do you know how the lowest part of the world is? On the borders of Israel and Jordan, there is a sea in which neither life nor water can use it. There is only bacteria and moss in this sea, but still it is one of the most unique tourist spots in the world. One report says that in 2017 only 3.7 million people came from all over the world to see Dead-Sea. Actually its name is Dead Sea, but it is a huge saltwater lake. Its water is so salty

Leave it to drink, you cannot even think about irrigation of plants. Dead Sea has many characteristics. The dead sea, which is 1,412 feet below sea level, is also named for a particular reason. So let's know about this.

After all, why was the name Dead Sea- 
Dead Sea got its name because no marine life can flourish in it. There is so much salt in its water that due to this, no kind of water life can spread its feet, whether it is fish or any other type of plant. The bacteria and moss present in it are also very small. Dead sea water contains 10 times more salt than the common sea. Now you must be wondering how such a lake was made. According to geologists, the Earth's tectonic plates (African plate and Arabian plate) began to separate from each other. This led to a pit in the middle. This happened 3 million years ago. It was previously associated with the Mediterranean-C, but due to changes in tectonic plates for so long, it broke. Now the main source of its water is the Jordan River.

Dead-water level is decreasing by about 1 meter every year. This is because both Israel and Jordan are using the water of this lake in their own way. Now finally work has started in the area of ​​conservation of Dead Sea.

A sea where no one can drown
 You may have seen many such pictures where people are floating in the water without doing anything. This is the specialty of Dead Sea that no one can drown in it. Because there is too much salt content in it, it increases the natural buoyancy and the human is seen floating in the water. This tourist spot is a tourist attraction in both Israel and Jordan countries.

Dead sea water is very good for the skin
 Dead Sea water is very good for the skin. A research paper published 'Scientific Evidence of the Therapeutic Effects of Dead Sea Treatments' states that dead sea water is good for skin as well as health. Dead-sea water proves to be very beneficial for skin problems like boils, pimples, socialis, rash etc. Many people also believe that Dead Sea ends with water. This is because there is too much salt and minerals in the water of this lake.

After all, why do tourists apply mud on their bodies from this sea? 
Because many research has been done about its water, it is believed that soil extracted from dead sea is also beneficial for the skin. Its face packs are very popular and are widely publicized everywhere from Jordan to Israel. Dead-earth soil is beneficial for the skin to a great extent, but its water is the most effective.

This is the world's largest free spa-
 Dead-C was not only a matter of science but also very famous in mythology. Herod, who ruled this area from 37 to 4 BC, is said to have opened a health spa on the shores of this sea. Yes, it may have been called something else at that time, but at the moment it is called Health Spa.

According to legend, the secret of the beauty of the queen of Egypt was Dead Sea-
 Another belief also says that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, who was considered the most beautiful woman in the world, also used dead sea water in herself. A report from dead-sea.net states that Cleopatra believed that Dead-Sea had a healing property.

Now if mythology is true then Dead Sea has arguably been the center of attraction for many centuries
. If you ever want to visit a unique international travel destination, you will also think about Dead Sea once. But before going here the weather must be checked because it is in the middle of the desert and it is very hot here. Summer falls in the month of July-August-September, so do not plan here in these months. 2020 not perfect, but maybe 2021 is better for you for such international travel.

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