The actor of India, seeing that even the Hollywood artillery may be nervous

He was a detective. But the detective seemed less clownish. When the assistant kitty praised him, only one fickera was pasted. "Shutup Kitty". Always wore black glasses. Used to eat carrots. The name was 'Karamchand'.

1985 television. Only Doordarshan used to come. Not even that all day. Numerous programs. Among them was the espionage serial Karamchand. The actor who played the title role had earlier played serious roles in films like 'Gandhi', 'Arohan' and 'Mandi'. In such a situation, it was a big thing to carry a different color role so easily. That is also how the show and its main character got classic status in Indian television. Actor was 'Pankaj Kapoor'. Pankaj Kapoor, who has featured in the trailer of his acting range in Karamchand, went on to have one of the best roles in his career. Today we will talk about some of these.

Pankaj Kapoor was born on 29 May 1954.

1. Ek Doctor Ki Maut

"It means you guys want to end me right here. I admit that I have not made any vaccine. I surrender. "

Arguing Doctor Dipankar Roy in the film's climax, this is the highest point of frustration in the life of a talented scientist. The person who did not lose due to hard work and lack of resources, he could not win through the fanatics of red tape and some suit-booty fools. This scientist gave his life to find leprosy medicine. And when success was achieved, the Indian bureaucracy did not agree to believe that any Indian has done this work before foreign scientists.

Due to their obstinate attitude, the officers refuse to accept their work and someone else in any other part of the world rejects the claim of the vaccine. Dr. Dipankar Roy is desperate. But in the service of humanity, they get ready to implement their 'work to do' intention. This role is Pankaj Kapoor's stand out performance.

Learn from Pankaj Kapoor how to enter a character. He has only and only 'Pandit Ram Narayan Chaturvedi' in this film and nothing else. Chaturvedi ji is a staunch Hindu Brahmin. Knowledgeable of the scriptures. They have won the same religion as they have lost. He is mild-tempered by nature but cannot compromise with religion. That is why when an untouchable touches him, he does not beat him, but he does take bath again. In order to give shelter to a Muslim child in the house in ignorance, atonement is done by purifying the house. Pundit ji, who brings the book definition of religion to life, changes his life when he encounters the basic question of 'religion big or humanity'.

'Dharma' is a very important film in today's era. And Pankaj's performance in it is like Everest. After which there is nothing left to touch.

3.Ek Ruka Hua Faisla
A boy is accused of killing his father. 12 Jury members have to decide whether the boy is guilty or not. 11 people blame him. There is only 1 man who does not agree to give the decision so soon. Gradually, that lonely man starts convincing the rest with his arguments. In this waqf, a man of small stature treats every man who considers the boy innocent as a personal enemy. This man is Pankaj Kapoor.

Later it opens that he wants to punish the boy for the failed relationship with his son. At the end, when he cries out crying and not 'gilt', the audience who hates him throughout the film returns home with pity for him. This role of Pankaj Kapoor was remembered for niche acting as well as for manorism. The audience enjoyed their habit of tongue-in-cheek.

4.The Weight of Cotton
Pankaj Kapoor's lesser-known film. Many do not even know. This film is an accurate portrayal of the ups and downs of the Indian family organization. As soon as Kishan Shah enters his old age, he distributes all his property among his children. And starts living with his younger son. If the son-daughter-in-law is not formed, then the whole world becomes angry. Everything leaves the house holding the stubbornness of being left alone. But returns halfway. Why see this in the film
The burden of Rui should also be seen for Pankaj Kapoor as well as for the good acting of Rima Lagoo, who passed away last year.

5.The Blue Umbrella
Very sweet film. Although Vishal Bhardwaj and Pankaj Kapoor have also given great films like 'Maqbool', but I personally like this film more. Local shopkeeper Khatri ji's fascination for a blue umbrella is beyond imagination. And his tricks were employed to achieve this, account of what happens after greed dominates the mind. Prakaj Kapur was to revive the 'Khatri' silver screen, first dealing with respect and later with greed.

Hindi cinema is star-centered cinema. Hero is everything here. Even in the midst of the glare of stardom, the artists who maintain their luster, their height surely rises. Pankaj Kapoor can show by acting like all the big stars. But his talent of showing the nuances of acting with facial expressions is beyond the reach of even the biggest stars. This is what makes him special and important for Hindi cinema.

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