When an on-screen character used to search for an occupation with a go of 420 rupees in a neighborhood train, today 'blessed messenger' made for many workers

The entertainer used to go in a neighborhood train and used to get a new line of work, presently a huge number of workers are being sent by transports to his home ... know his strugal 

Sonu Sood, when the savior for a great many day by day wage workers and vagrant workers, meandered for employments with a go of ₹ 420 because of Crown infection. Today, in the center of Crown, vagrant workers are making courses of action to give food and drink and to send them to their homes. Sometime in the past he used to search for work in a nearby train, taking a month go of ₹ 420 in Mumbai. 

Incidentally, Sonu Sood, who hails from Punjab, has done designing in gadgets. In any case, the fantasy about turning into a saint ruled Sonu so much that he carried him to Mumbai. When Sonu Sood came to Mumbai to work in films, he used to live in an ample house. Not just this, Sonu Sood lived alone in a stay with three or four individuals. Around then, Sonu Sood used to get a neighborhood train and search for work each day. 

As of late, Sonu shared the neighborhood train go of 1998 on her Instagram. Which is from Borivali to Churchgate. In the wake of coming to Mumbai, Sonu didn't work in Bollywood, however worked in South Indian film. After this he kept on doing Telugu and Tamil movies. Sonu Sood at long last found a new line of work in Bollywood in the year 2001. Sonu's first film was 'Shaheed-e-Azam' in which he assumed the job of Bhagat Singh. After this, he never turned around and thought back and today he is at this phase the crown infection has been gathering food and nourishment for transient workers and sending them home by transports. 

Presently Sonu Sood is continually giving his telephone number to the individuals with the goal that the cordial individuals can reach them legitimately. He shared his number through a post via web-based networking media. The post read, 'My dear work siblings and sisters. On the off chance that you are in Mumbai and need to go to your home, if it's not too much trouble call 18001213711.

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