Visakhapatnam gas leak: more than 150 recruits, impact on children and old age, 2000 beds ready, Andhra

In Visakhapatnam, there was a stir on Thursday morning due to leaking poisonous gas in a company. The situation here is becoming increasingly uncontrollable, so far three people have died.

Gas leaks in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh Gas leakage in pharma company A shocking case has come to light on Thursday in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Poisonous gas leaked in a pharma company here, after which the situation has become very bad. The local administration and the Navy are busy evacuating the surrounding area, while three people have lost their lives in the meantime. The most impact is being seen on children and the elderly.

After the gas leakage, more than 150 people have been admitted to the hospital, the condition of 20 people is said to be very critical. Most of them are children and elderly people, whose condition is continuously deteriorating. Here people are being brought to government hospitals as well as private hospitals. Apart from this, all the hospitals around the company have been kept on alert.

According to the local administration, people are being brought in the ambulance continuously, initially about 2000 beds have been prepared so that any situation can be dealt with.

Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has appealed to the people to vacate the entire area. According to the corporation, the gas leak has occurred in the LG Polymar company of Gopalapatnam here, after which many people are facing problems. In such a situation, it has been asked to vacate the area immediately. The effect of poisonous gas leaking in the pharma company is being seen in the surrounding three kilometers. Five villages have been evacuated by the Navy and local administration as a precaution. Hundreds of headaches,Reaching the hospital with vomiting and shortness of breath.

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