Royal Enfield was riding a bike, the newly married couple, the police stopped, know what happened then

Due to the lockdown, we are facing many troubles everyday. On one hand, the colors of celebrations, functions and festivals have faded due to the lockdown, on the other hand, marriages of people have also been postponed. However, at the moment there are many such reports where weddings are happening without much fanfare and band-making.

People are getting married in a very simple way and without friends and relatives. One such wedding has taken place in Punjab where the newly married couple were seen riding on a Royal Enfield bike from the temple towards the house after being tied to the wedding.

According to the news, when the Punjab Police saw them coming, they stopped the bike and started asking. The police asked him the reason for his outing during the lockdown. This video of him is becoming very viral on social media.

They told the police that they were returning to their homes after marrying the temple. Knowing this, the police gave them flowers and fed them sweets and also gave them wedding greetings.

The couple stated that they had taken all the necessary permissions from the city administration to have a simple wedding. Only five people attended his wedding.

In North Indian weddings, especially in Punjab weddings, there is a large crowd which is very difficult to handle. Relatives arrive at weddings from far and wide and the ceremony lasts for several days.

The newly married couple were in their wedding attire and were returning from the temple on Royal Enfield's bike. After answering all the questions asked by the police, they were allowed to leave.

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