Pakistani model Zara Abid dies in PIA plane crash

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight going from Lahore to Karachi in Pakistan crashed. The death of Pakistani model Zara Abid in this plane crash is coming but it has not been confirmed.

A major plane crash in Pakistan on Friday. A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight going from Lahore to Karachi crashed. The accident occurred when the aircraft carrying 91 passengers and 8 crew members was passing over a residential area. After this accident, news has come that Pakistani model Zara Abid has also died in this plane crash.

People started tweeting after receiving news of death As soon as the news of Zara Abid's death was received by the people, his fans and close people started tweeting, but as soon as people came to know that some people were left alive in the plane crash. After this, people deleted their tweets and started praying for Zara Abid to be safe.

Two different tweets by journalist Jain Khan However, later journalist Zain Khan confirmed on his Twitter handle that Zara Abid has not survived the plane crash. With this, he said that this is very sad news. He expressed his condolences to the family and friends of Zara Abid. At the same time, Zain Khan in his next tweet has mentioned Zara Abid among the survivors of the plane crash.

Audio of the conversation from the pilot's control room came out 

Please tell that the audio of the conversation of the pilot of the aircraft from the control room has also been revealed. According to this, pilot Sajjad Gul had already reported engine malfunction and the accident occurred shortly after.

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