Makeup man gave me 15 thousand, those who have my millions are not picking up my phone, painful post, sonal financial problems

TV actress Sonal Vengurlekar has shared the post revealing. He said that some producers are not paying their money in the midst of this financial problem. Millions of Sonal are similarly trapped. Meanwhile, his makeup man has offered him 15,000 help even after his poor condition. Sonal has become very emotional about this.

He has written a post on his Instagram. Which has gone viral. Economic impact in the country is increasing with the lockdown, one of its effects is visible on the TV industry. Sonal is the popular face of TV. In such a situation, many questions are arising about their disclosure that the producers are not paying.

Significantly, she has been a part of many big shows with Yeh Vaada Raha, Saam Daam Dand Bhide. He is also getting many types of comments on this post of Sonal. Let us tell you this painful post of Sonal, which is being discussed all around 

Sonal wrote on her Instagram account 
Sonal wrote on her Instagram account that I was sharing a post for my makeup man. I do not have enough money for the next month. Some manufacturers have not given my money. I was also worried about my makeup man, how he would be living in such a situation?

Makeup man said ma'am i have 15 thousand right now They have many expenses of their own. His wife is also pregnant. But the reaction of the makeup man from the front made me tear up in my eyes. The actress revealed that the makeup man told me that I have 15 thousand now, so take it if you want

Who have My millions they are not picking up my phone He asked me to give me time while delivery of my wife. I am amazed at the people who owe me lakhs of rupees. They are not ready to pick up my phone. He asked me to give me time while delivery of my wife. I am amazed at the people who owe me lakhs of rupees. They are not ready to pick up my phone.

Black earning me The actress writes that I am not ready to block my earnings and give my makeup man to Pankaj Gupta. Who have always been like a family giving me money.

Even in this condition they asked me to give money 
It is not a big deal for me that he has offered to give me money, the big thing is that he does not have that much money, yet he thought of me. The time has come for the so-called rich people to become rich even at heart.

TV show shooting starts from June 
Let us tell you that due to Corona, Lockdown 3 will open on May 17. But with this, the government is set to lockdown 4 with the new rule. Where the government can make a new announcement with rules. Shooting of TV shows is also reported to have started.

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