In Pakistan, many famous personalities died in the outcry plane crash, 5 passengers remained safe

Pakistan Airlines crash victim falls in residential area A Pakistan Airlines plane crashed in Karachi, which is reported to have killed 98 people, it is being told that while landing on the way from Lahore to Karachi, the accident happened and the plane fell in the residential area Many houses have also been damaged and 98 people have been confirmed dead by Pakistan Airlines.

The information that is coming out so far is being told that this airline had many bureaucrats and actresses and heads of many institutions were also present, many industries were present and there have been many accidents in this, while a lot of bank It is being told that senior officers have also served in the accident, so it is believed that this incident has killed many people responsible and important in Pakistan.

Many houses have been damaged in this, the army has also been called by emergency declare and efforts are being made to evacuate people from houses and debris so that if any casualties are found in it then it can be treated. One information is also coming in. 5 passengers have also survived.

The Pakistan Airlines pilot who spoke to the ATC in which it was stated that they were the last words was told that he wanted to land for which the runway was also evacuated but the last words were said by the pilot It was said that some technical issue is coming after that, the aircraft fell victim to the accident and now the area is spread all around in the area and an attempt is being made to save people.

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