COVID-19: Record deaths in the country before the exemption of lockdown 3.0, about 5,000 new cases in 48 hours, GDP Down

new Delhi. Coronavirus cases in the country have increased to more than 40 thousand on Sunday. Restrictions are being relaxed in the third phase of lockdown across the country from today. But before this, around 5000 cases of infections have been reported in the country within 48 hours. 

The Home Ministry on Friday ordered the extension of the lockdown for two more weeks with several significant relaxations. After which about 4898 cases were reported in the country from Saturday to Sunday evening.

The total number of corona virus infections in the country has crossed 40 thousand According to data from the Union Ministry of Health (Home Ministry), 2487 new cases were reported in the country from Saturday evening to Sunday, after which the number of infected people increased to 40,263. The highest number of deaths was recorded in this period. After the death of 83 people in 24 hours, the death toll in the country increased to 1,306.

There are 28070 active cases of Kovid-19 across the country, while 10886 patients have gone back home after recovering from Kovid-19. Of the 83 deaths reported since Saturday evening, 36 have occurred in Maharashtra, 26 Gujarat, 11 Madhya Pradesh, three each in Rajasthan and Delhi, two in Telangana and one each in Tamil Nadu and Bihar.

Maharashtra most affected by corona infection in India According to the Health Ministry data, Maharashtra continues to be the most affected state by Corona. The number of corona infected here is 12296 and in just 24 hours 790 new cases have been reported here. Also, there have been 36 deaths since Saturday evening. Virus deaths have increased to a total of 521 here. Gujarat has seen the highest number of cases of 5055 corona after this. After which 4122 cases of corona have been reported in Delhi.

While the central government says that there has been stability in the introduction of new cases of corona virus, the opening of the lockdown will be like an examination of dealing with Pandemic in India. But the government is using this to tackle the virus and send people to work simultaneously.

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