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Steps taken to prevent corona in the country are beginning to show its impact. The cases of corona which were doubling in the first 3 days, are now doubling in 11 days.

new Delhi 
The central government shared relief information on Thursday. The government says that the rate of doubling of corona cases in the country is continuously decreasing. The rate of doubling of Kovid-19 infection in India is slower than other countries like the US, Italy, Spain and the UK. Whereas cases were doubling in three days before the lockdown, the period has now been 11.20 days.

The Health Ministry said on Wednesday that cases in Delhi are now doubling in 11.3 days. In UP, this rate has reached 12 days in Jammu and Kashmir, 12.2 in Kerala, 13 in Kerala, 17.8 in Rajasthan. The government says that the record of some states is even better in this case. Cases are doubling in 59 days in Assam, 70.8 in Telangana and 89.7 days in Chhattisgarh.

Recovery rate also increased 
The Health Ministry said that 630 patients have also been cured in 24 hours and so far a total of 8,324 corona patients have been cured in the country. Thus the Kovid-19 recovery rate in the country has increased to 25.19%. The recovery rate was just 13.06% 14 days ago. This shows that the country is getting rapid success in terms of recovery rate.

10 dis
tricts of Meghalaya declared 'Green Zone' The Meghalaya government on Thursday declared 10 out of 11 districts in the state as 'Green Zone' and allowed inter-district movement there. The top official said that this decision has been taken due to no case of Kovid-19 in these districts.

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