Alia Siddiqua's big reveal, Nawazuddin told me in front of Manoj Vajpayee

new Delhi. After sending divorce notice to Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, his wife Alia Siddiqui is disclosing new allegations everyday. Alia has alleged that Nawazuddin's family tortured her physically and mentally. In her allegations, Alia said that she was losing her respect in the relationship with Nawazuddin. Alia said that Nawazuddin does not have time to even have children and hence she wants to keep the children with her after the divorce Now Alia has revealed another major allegation regarding Nawazuddin.

'Nawazuddin asked me in front of him ...

' According to the Times of India news, Alia Siddiqui alleged that Nawazuddin humiliated him one day in front of actor Manoj Vajpayee too. Alia said, 'One day Manoj Vajpayee and some other artists came to our house. I was cooking for those people and while trying to talk to them, Nawazuddin stopped me and said - you don't know how to talk, don't talk in front of you. Nawazuddin spoke to me in this way Nawazuddin also avoided taking me with him among the people.

'I never got the respect I deserved' 

Alia said that as a wife she never got the respect from Nawazuddin, which should have been met. Alia said, 'If Nawazuddin is talking to media people and by coincidence I reached there, then he would ignore me. I never got the respect that a wife should get, neither in front of people nor in the house. Whether a rickshaw puller or a superstar, everyone respects his wife. I have been suffering all these years, But no man should be insulted so much that he starts feeling suffocated.

'We were living separately for the last about 4-5 years'

 In her allegations, Alia said, 'We were living separately for the last about 4-5 years and whenever I asked them to come home to meet the children, Nawazuddin would have made some excuse. Our children used to constantly ask me where is Dad, where are he shooting? But, I could not tell them anything. I would lie under compulsion that your father is shooting in New York. But, how many years would I do all this? Despite being in his office in Mumbai, he never comes home and when I told him to come and meet the children, he would say that I am busy, I have to go to meet some people.

'I asked to change my religion, so did I'

 Earlier, Alia had made many serious allegations against Nawazuddin while talking to the news website 'Bollywood Life'. Talking about their relationship, Alia said, 'You grow up in a special way in a home, an environment - you come from a family, the way your mother and your brothers take care of you and then Suddenly you have to change your religion… Well let's never mind, it was important for marriage, so when they asked me to change my religion, I did it But, then after that your life changes badly, you realize that you were nothing in his life, you never had any importance in his life. '

The first wife also left him for this reason ' 

Referring to the physical violence and torture at Nawazuddin Siddiqui's house, Alia said, 'Nawazuddin never raised a hand on me, but all the time shouting and arguing was out of tolerance for me. However you can say that this was all. Yes, but his family has tortured me mentally and physically. Even his brother killed me. His mother, brother and sister-in-law lived with us in Mumbai. Therefore, I have been facing all this for the last several years. His first wife also left him for this reason. This is their home pattern. Seven cases of wives have already been registered against their family members in their house and four have been divorced. This is the fifth divorce.

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