Actress reached the inauguration of friend's jewelery showroom, 15 million fees charged 20 lakhs!

Almost the entire family of Bollywood veteran actor Dharmendra has been active in the industry. His wife Hema Malini, son Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, daughter Isha Deol and now grandson Karan Deol are active in the industry. Even though Isha Deol has not done much films after marriage, but she comes from such a film family that people consider her very much. Now she is in the discussion sometimes due to her statements and sometimes due to her looks.

Isha in discussion about fees At the moment,
 Isha Deol is in the discussion about her fees. In March, Isha Deol shared some pictures on her Instagram. These photos are of the inauguration of a jewelery showroom. This friend's jewelery showroom is his. Isha did not go to the ceremony of this jewelery showroom but inaugurated it. She stayed here for about 15-20 minutes.

Rumored to take 20 minutes of 15 minutes Now reports are coming that when Isha went to inaugurate her friend's showroom, she had taken 20 lakh rupees for 15 minutes. However, it is not yet confirmed that Isha Deol had actually taken money from her friend? So far, no response has come from Isha Deol nor from her friend. Could it be just a rumor?

Trolling victim Isha was trolled on social media for the fact that she took such a hefty fee from her friend. However, this has not been confirmed so far. However, in the past, Isha had revealed that she had started crying after giving birth to another daughter and had become a victim of postpartum depression.

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