Actress Madhu Sharma's statement about Bhojpuri industry, there are many who say get up with them

Bhojpuri cinema actress Madhu Sharma is no less than many Bollywood actresses. Madhu Sharma, who started her career with Tamil films, has done films in 7 languages. But after this, the actress achieved a special place in the industry by working only in Bhojpuri films.

Let me tell you that Madhu Sharma was last seen in Pawan Singh's film Jai Hind. The film also created a lot of panic at the box office. Not only this, all the songs of the film were also hits. By the way, Madhu Sharma has given many hits to Bhojpuri world. But despite this, Madhu Sharma also has a lot of complaints from the Bhojpuri industry, which the actress herself revealed recently.

Madhu Sharma accepted the mess in the industry ...
 Let me tell you that the famous Bhojpuri actress Madhu Sharma has now accepted that there is dirt in this industry. He also believed that such middlemen are also active who say that with them he will make stars. Not only this, he has also accepted that in Bhojpuri industry, heroines get much less money than heroes. Madhu says things will change and we all have to change together.

Recently, while talking to a web portal, Madhu Sharma spoke openly about the Bhojpuri industry. He clearly said that whenever a double mining script comes to me, I get it replaced. Because for this the heroines will have to raise their voice.

The famous Bhojpuri actress said on the question of vulgarity, "There has never been anything like this with me." The middlemen are active, I believe, but they know what they have to say in front of them. They cannot dare in front of us. I am also lucky that I got such movies or people from the beginning that I never had to think about such an environment.

So who is doing vulgarity? Madhu says that new heroines are coming. These people tell them that if you stay with them you will become a star overnight. However, this stardom is only a few days. Such stardom does not last long. They all know. I have never wanted such stardom. I trust hard work and know when I need to go.

Apart from all these things, Madhu Sharma says that there is no situation in Bhojpuri films like South or Hindi. But soon there will be a change in this kind of environment and in the coming time, very good films will be produced in Bhojpuri.

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