3 brothers were cutting themselves with 'Black Widow' spider to become Spider-Man , Inbtimes news

One such case has come up in Bolivia's city of Chanta, which is making a lot of headlines on social media. Three brothers living here wanted to become Spider Man and in this affair, they constantly got themselves bitten by a spider. However, due to this, his body spread poison and he had to be admitted to the hospital. The ages of these three brothers are said to be 12, 10 and 8.

According to the report published in the Daily Star, all three brothers are fans of Marvel superhero character Spider-Man. In the film, he saw that the character Peter Parkar becomes Spider-Man after biting a spider of Black Widow species. These three brothers not only managed to find a black widow spider but also got themselves bitten by it for three consecutive days. However, spider bites caused poison in his body and he became unconscious.

Rattle is more poisonous than snake The black widow spider is considered very poisonous and its bite causes symptoms like body pain, abdominal pain, dizziness, heart sands enlargement and faintness. When the parents brought him to the hospital, the doctors informed him of the spider bite. A spider has also been recovered from the children's room. The three brothers were still admitted at Chayanta Health Center and according to the information received, there was no improvement in their condition. After this, he was admitted to the Lapaz Children's Hospital in Sukrah, the capital of Bolivia.

After this incident, Secretary Virgilio Pietro in the Health Ministry of the country has also issued an advisory for parents to take care of children. However, after being hospitalized for five days, now the three brothers have been discharged. Please tell that the black widow spider is very poisonous and after intercourse, the fellow eats the spider. More of this spider venom can prove to be fatal for humans.

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