22-year-old actress dies tragically in road accident, breaks on the spot, see beauty in pictures


The year 2020 is not coming much to the entertainment industry. Some have cancer and some have been suicide. One actor after another said goodbye to the world. Now TV actress Mebeina Michael died tragically in a road accident. She was 22 years old.

Pyaate Hudugir became famous with Halli Life Mebina was just 22 years old, but she was one of the most popular actresses. He gained popularity from the TV show Pyaate Hudugir Halli Life.

Broken on the spot The actress was going to her hometown Madikeri. On the way, his car got into a truck and Mebina died on the spot. Mebeina Michael was also accompanied by her other friends in the car, who continue to be treated.
Family in shock due to Mebina's death A case has been registered at Belluru Police Station and officials are investigating it. The death of the actress has taken a big blow to her family and the entire television industry.

Akil Balaji, the host of the show Pyaate Hudugir Halli Life, tweeted, "I am shocked to hear the news of the sudden demise of my favorite contestant and winner of PHHL 4. She was still young. Prayer for his family.

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