This film is made on the corona virus, the story is like this,' corona zombies

Corona virus is in awe all over the world. At this time, all work is at a standstill because there is a situation of lockdown in many countries. At the same time, the entertainment industry is also seeing its bad effect. No film has been released for a long time. But now a film has been released, that too is above the corona virus.

Actually we are talking about the Corona zombies directed by Charles Band. The film has been released on the digital platform on 10 April. The film stars Cody Renee Cameron, Russell Coker, Robin Sydney. The starcast of this film is very small and social distancing has also been taken care of while making the film. Let us tell you that in this film it is shown that people are falling prey to Corona, but they become zombies after death. Now by doing this, the director has tried to serve this film as a horror.
Now how successful he has been in this work, you will know by watching the film.

For information, let us know that many real footage has been used in the film. The press conference of big leaders regarding Corona has been made a part of the film. It is shown in the film that a President Corona Scaud has been formed to fight these Corona zombies. That scod not only tries to find the root of the corona virus but also fights with those zombies. Only three actors have been cast in this film. Not only this, two more films have also been added to this film.In this film, footage of Hell of the Living Dead and Zombies vs Strippers can be seen. After connecting these two films, the total length of the film has been reduced to one hour. By the way, let us know that the shooting of Corona zombies has been completed in just 28 days.

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