Know about Salman Khan's favorite actor who won Salman's heart

Bigg Boss and its host Salman Khan are known worldwide for their distinct identity. The show that Salman hosts is a big figure in itself. Let us tell that more than one contestant came in Bigg Boss and went, but if Salman Khan has expressed the same sympathy outside any contestant, then he is the only one.

This actress is the most popular contestant of Salman in Bigg Boss history Let us tell you that Bollywood actress and model Sana Khan is the most popular contestant of Salman Khan. Salman Khan used to flirt with Sana a lot in Bigg Boss show and his support too, Sana Khan was seen in season 6. Let me tell you that Sana had worked as an actress in the film Rea Tum Ho. Apart from this film, Sana has also appeared in many big films.

Looks very hot If you have seen Bigg Boss season 6 then you will surely remember Salman and Sana's noose. Salman Khan is also seen supporting Sana outside. Talking about Sana Khan, she has turned 32 and is focusing on her career in Bollywood as a model and actress.

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